Starting out early and getting hands on knowledge and experience of the workings of a business plays a great role in ensuring success. People who join the family business and take it to greater heights are usually able to do so because they get in-depth knowledge of the industry right from the very beginning. Such individuals not only learn about the finer nuances of the trade by watching others at work, they also learn a great deal from their own mistakes.

Jeffrey Lupient, an experienced person in the automotive trade, had started quite early in the family business and worked his way up. He started managing the family GMC dealership in Golden Valley, MN, and was then transferred to the Lupient Infiniti dealership in the same city. Not only was the Jim Lupient Infiniti dealership given the Infiniti Award of Excellence three times after Jeff was named President and CEO of the Lupient Automotive Group, but he also had a role to play in many prominent community events, like the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show.

Jeffrey Lupient discusses what the 46th Annual Twin Cities Auto Show entailed

The 46th Twin Cities Auto Show provided the people of Minneapolis with the chance to compare vehicles from numerous domestic and foreign brands side to side, without having to drive across the town. The show featured more than 600 vehicles from 36 brands. The attendees of the event got to check out automobile models in almost every category, including family sedans, luxury cars and cutting-edge SUVs. At the 46th Twin Cities Auto Show, one could even check out many trucks with high mileage, as well as improved utility and convenience. Many of these trucks even featured a range of luxury features.

Key Highlights of the Auto Show

In addition to viewing vehicles, the attendees of the 46th Twin Cities Auto Show could also learn about financing options and leasing availability that brought them closer to obtaining their dream vehicle. Enabling the attendees to admire certain new age technologies like in-dash navigation, audio enhancements, and premium communication technology was a huge highlight of the event. Moreover, instead of just dreaming of going behind the wheel of a sleek, shiny new sports car, the attendees of the Twin Cities Auto Show got to make it a reality.

Key Take Aways from the Auto Show

Family fun is always part of the Twin Cities Auto Show, and its 46th edition was no different. It included attractions like Camp Jeep, The Neighborhood, and Crime-Fighting Cars that enabled people to truly relax and enjoy. For the ones who wanted to drive the car of their dreams at the Twin Cities Auto Show, the Ride and Drive exhibit enabled them to go behind the wheel and test drive the latest in automotive technology on the Minneapolis streets. For any auto enthusiast in the region, the Twin Cities Auto Show presented the perfect opportunity to see vehicles they had heard and read about in-person. No matter whether they were interested in a truck or a certain car, this event had it all. The many activities included in the 46th Twin Cities Auto Show made the event all the more memorable.

The Twin Cities Auto Show is a production of the Greater Metropolitan Automobile Dealers Association or GMADA. GMADA is an organization that comprises of more than 130 new car and truck franchised dealers in the Greater Minneapolis and St. Paul area. The 2018 GMADA Chair was Jeffrey Lupient of Lupient Automotive Group, and hence was instrumental in organizing the 46th Twin Cities Auto Show.